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Christian Lowe Leather Cleaner - materials and methods

Christian Lowe Leather Cleaner

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Did you set your bag down in the garden during an OOTD photoshoot?

Did your kid get their muddy hands on it looking for snacks?

This cleaner was formulated to work on horseback riding equipment, or "tack",
so you know it can handle the dirt and grime.

It's a deep cleaning glycerin based soap, made with essential oils and tea tree, that doesn't leave a film and smells AMAZING. 

The tea tree adds its anti-microbial power, helping prevent mould (mold to our friends in the US).

Though it was developed for the vegetable tanned leather that we use here at materials and methods, it can be used on most leathers, but it's not for use on suede or nubuck.
Always test in an inconspicuous spot first.

LARGE - 150 g
SMALL - 75 g
  1. Dampen cloth or sponge.
  2. Rub lightly over soap to produce lather.
  3. Apply to leather in a circular motion.
  4. Wipe off excess
  5. When dry, nourish and protect your well-loved pieces with Christian Lowe Leather Balm, or simply polish with soft cloth for light lustre.


Prepared in small batches in Christian's northern Ontario studio.

Christian Lowe grew up in a stable.  He's been a saddler for many years, and the joy of the ritual cleaning and conditioning the tack, is what inspired him to developed his own line of leather care.