about our materials & methods


We care about our planet and as we grow, we commit to using materials and suppliers that reflect our values.

We are always experimenting with new materials to use, but our primary materials, at present, are vegetable-tanned leathers, 100% wool felt, Piñatex® (a sustainable textile made from pineapple leaves), canvas and other fabrics, wood, plywood, and more.  We have used chrome tanned leather on occasion, typically when developing prototypes, but are moving towards limiting its use, and only with specific criteria and transparency. We also use reclaimed fabrics and leathers, when available.


Vegetable tanned leathers - various.  We mainly source Wickett & Craig, one of the few remaining North American tanneries making high quality vegetable tanned leather.



 100%wool felt - OEKO-TEX® certifited, made in Germany.  Felt is made by matting, condensing and pressing the fibers together; the felt that we use is made from natural hypoallergenic wool. It is a highly resilient textile that doesn't fray, and keeps it's shape!

100% wool felt



Piñatex® - a sustainable textile made from pineapple leaves, made in Philippines and finished in Spain, sourced from Ananas Anam is in London, UK.





METHODS (AND MORE...coming soon!)