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I’ve had a bit of a revelation.  I’m gonna share it with you because I’m thinking it’s a movement, and not just me— Over the last 22 months, I’ve learned that I WANT TO BE COMFORTABLE. Comfortable in what I wear. Comfortable in what I stand for. Comfortable in what my clothes stand for. I know that I’m not alone in this, because I’ve had a lot of time lately to observe and listen.  Let’s dig a little deeper on each of these.  COMFORT IN WHAT WE WEAR.    I’ve always had a passionate love of being comfortable at home.  I used to walk in the door from work, and immediately change into my “home uni”.  But in the last...

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Hey Fashion, meet Sustainability!

Fashion Revolution Week is not only a time to pause and take stock of our purchasing power, but also a time to educate ourselves about Fashion Industry  practices and their social and environmental impact.  Digging into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is a great place to start!

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