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Sizing Your Convertible Handbag (Dawn, Riley, Katherine)

What you'll need:

  • soft measuring tape
  • mirror

Detailed instructions follow this video. 


Around the Waist

If you're going to wear your bag around your waist, this is the critical measurement to get right! 

Wrap the soft tape around your middle, either so that it sits comfortably on your hips, or wherever you like to wear belt bags.  Leave a bit of room for comfort (and/or coats, etc.)

Take the measurement and compare it to the charts that follow at the bottom of this page (remember they are bag specific).  Take note of the minimum/maximum crossbody strap lengths (and compare with your measured preference)! 

If your size is 1, note that it is a longer strap to be worn wrapped around the waist twice:








If you have questions, please book a virtual sizing session here.  


If you're going to ONLY wear it crossbody, this is the key measurement.  If you want to wear the bag in multiple ways, the Around the Waist measurement will dictate your strap length.

Contact us if you have any questions, or book a virtual fitting session here (and if none of the available times work, reach out!)

Ok, here we go...

Drape the soft measuring tape over one shoulder and grasp the end of the tape in one hand, and adjust your other hand position so that both ends are at your desired height. 

Do this in front of the mirror so that your hands are at the same height, and staying apart as if the soft measuring tape was the strap on your handbag. 

Visualize your new bag

Where do you want it to fall?

Do you want it a bit higher so that it's not bumping against your hip while you walk?  Do you prefer a longer carry?

Take the measurement and compare it to the charts that follow (remember they are bag specific).  

If it's confusing or you'd like to walk through it together, please book a virtual fitting session here

Important Note:  If you don't see yourself in our sizing, please reach out.  We mean it when we say our bags are for everyone.