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Sizing Your Shoulder Bag (Jenny, Charlie)

To size your shoulder bag, we typically use a measurement called strap drop. 

(For more information on how this measurement can be used, see our blog post on the Anatomy of a Handbag.) 



How do you know what strap drop is best for you?

It mainly comes down to personal preference.

Maybe you want the straps long enough that you can easily reach into the bag without taking it off your shoulder.

Maybe you want the straps short enough for a really secure carry, or so that you can reach all the way to the bottom of your bag without taking it off your shoulder.

Our shoulder bags/totes are available in two standard strap drops—11" and 13", but we can always customize the strap drop - reach out to discuss, or book a virtual sizing session here (and if none of the available times work, reach out!).