selecting a strap length

The top of your cross-body bag should be at a comfortable height.  You want to be able to access the contents easily (not too high, not too low), so take a minute to find out what that means for you!

What you'll need:

- soft measuring tape


Drape the soft measuring tape over one shoulder and grasp the end of the tape in one hand, and adjust your other hand position so that both ends are at your desired height. 

Do this in front of the mirror so that your hands are at the same height.  Visualize your new bag!

Order the size that matches your preferred length.  If your desired length falls outside of the available options, please email us for a custom length!

Katherine hip pouch option

Wrap the soft tape around your waist.  Give yourself some room to ensure a comfortable fit.  Email us the length so that we can customize the basic strap, so that your Katherine can convert into a hip pouch!